Our full range of instruments are available as a limited-edition bundle called The OMNIS Bundle. The bundle also includes a pre-order of the Alder Solo Strings and 2 new brass instruments. This means if you purchase The OMNIS Bundle, as well as the full current line-up you also receive the pre-orders free upon their release.

300 spaces are available with only 73 left. Each purchase enters the buyer into a MacBook Pro raffle with a 1 in 300 chance of winning.


Save over 80% with The OMNIS Bundle.

73 / 300 left

Our libraries require Native Instruments’ Retail (Full) Kontakt 7.8.1 and above. Not compatible with Free Kontakt Player.

Bought with us previously? Contact support to see if you are eligible for a discount.


19 instruments

Instantly receive all libraries released so far

MacBook Pro Giveaway

Be entered into the Macbook Pro Giveaway


Receive 3 pre-orders upon their release


What you get :

£299 (pre-order)
















OMNIS Exclusive

OMNIS Exclusive

£39 (pre-order)

£39 (pre-order)

Library updates coming soon:

Alium : Add Harmonium, Dulcitone and Textual Pianos
Synth Atlantic : Huge update with amp’d and di’d vintage synths

Celestial Guitar : Additional Content

Updates will be free when they arrive!


Runs in every major DAW via Native Instruments’ Retail (Full) Kontakt 7.8.1+ Will not run with the Free Kontakt Player

Pulse Downloader – the industry standard for managing sample library download and installation.

Checkout out the YouTube channel for videos and indepth looks. And please reach out if you have any questions, simply use the chat widget in the bottom right of any page.

£1042 £189

Incredible value. Beautifully recorded samples with unique textures that will get tons of use in my template. Very excited to see the whole series grow.

cusRev review

I just purchased. Listening to the extensive walkthrough of Celestial Guitar put me over the edge. Frozen Piano is like a massive cherry on top. I’m working on writing cues for an upcoming project, and I think this collection will serve me very, very well.


This is one of the coolest sample deals out there.


A new musical world :

Waverunner Audio libraries are designed to capture performances that inspire and provide functional tools for creative work, especially for those involved in music for media. Instead of treading the well-worn paths of traditional studios, we venture beyond the familiar. We explore uncharted territories to find new, innovative sounds that align with how modern composers actually work; in environments where innovators and experimenters roam.

Bundle overview :

A broad, diverse collection of instruments:

Strings – Alder Solo Strings, Cello Struttura, Violin Struttura

Guitars – Celestial Guitar, Dutch Rosetta, Stak’d, John’s Guitar

Brass – 2 French Horns, 2 Trumpets, Solo Tuba, Chanterelle Trumpet

Keys – Alium, Frozen Piano, Cashmere Piano, Rhodes ’73

Other – Synth Atlantic, Kalimba, Rosehip Vibraphone, Solo Voice: Kat

The OMNIS Bundle requires Retail (Full) Kontakt  7.8.1+ to run. The libraries do not run in the Free Kontakt Player.

Approx 80gb installed
Approx 50,000 samples

Downloads managed with the industry standard Pulse Downloader.

We use the global standards for secure payments, PayPal and Stripe.

New support ticketing system for swift support solutions to anything from pre-sales, technical or just sayin’ ‘ello.

Alder Solo Strings pre-order overview :

Alder Solo Strings : Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass.

A collection of intimate solo strings combining traditional and contemporary, innovative articulations. Designed to provide creative flexibility for writing and scoring in a variety of styles.

Recorded in the East Midlands, UK

Microphone positions: Close, Room and introducing our first Mid/Side setup with independent adjustments for real-world control of stereo width.

Presents Repeated Legato and Repeated Staccato figures, allowing you to compose music containing these articulations with unprecedented realism. Short notes include Bartok Pizz, Ricochet, Pizzicato, UpBow and both Harmonic and Normale Brush.

Held notes include our signature articulations Bristeacha and Low Tide expanded (from Alder Violin and Alder Cello ver1) to include Con Sordino and Sul Tasto options and introducing new Journeys; notes unfolding over time telling a story to help you tell yours.

Up to 34 articulations per instruments

Approx 45gb of uncompressed samples for the whole collection

Will require Retail Kontakt 7.8.1+ (will not work in Free Kontakt Player)

Full Price : £299
Pre-order Price: £199
Included in the OMNIS Bundle: £189

Coming July 2024

Music and sample libraries have been a huge part of my life since a young age. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to compose for film and TV, where sample libraries play a crucial role. These essential tools enable composers to create music in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, fueling creativity and innovation.

My deep passion lies in sampling and creating sample libraries. There’s an incredible thrill in the whole process and a sense of wonder at the creative possibilities these tools offer. With Waverunner Audio, I’m embarking on an exciting new adventure. First launched a few years back to a warm welcome from the community, and after a long hiatus, it’s still early days, but I’m thrilled to invite you to join me. To celebrate our journey forward, I’m offering an opportunity to jump in with a low entry point and the industry’s biggest giveaway.



Your new £3699, 16-inch, M3 Max, MacBook Pro.

You are automatically entered into the raffle when purchasing the OMNIS Bundle. Once the bundle has sold out, a winner well be selected at random. This isn’t any ordinary bundle, and this is no ordinary MacBook Pro.

Apple M3 Max chip with 14‑core CPU, 30‑core GPU and 16‑core Neural Engine



Neural Engine

chance of winning

unified memory

SSD storage

Liquid Retina XDR display

MacBook Pro Raffle

Automatic entry when purchasing the OMNIS Bundle. A winner will be selected at random and contacted via email and announced on socials. Will only trigger once all 300 spaces have sold out. Good Luck!


Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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