Alder Cello


A solo cello library inspired by the ocean, its many moods, and the beauty of the shore off the coast of Ireland where Hometree reside, re-introducing bio-diversity to barren lands. Concentrating on highly expressive, evocative and unique playing techniques, ‘low tide’ represents the tidal movements of the ocean, ‘bristeacha’ the uncertainty and turmoil and many moods of waters. Performed by cellist Lidia Alonso and recorded by Adaq Khan in Soho, London. Described as a ‘gem’ by those who have used it so far, explore expressive, moving and inspiring cello textures with the Alder Cello. For every sale, we plant a tree.

"Instantly inspired, the Alder Violin and Cello have become an invaluable part of my template. Exceptional sound, rich in timbre, these stand out as something special."

Tom Linden - Film and TV composer

"Blown away, there's a beauty and musicality you've managed to instill here. Glad to have it on my new album."

Tom Middleton - Global Communication

"The Low Tide violin and cello patches are just glorious - you could score a scene with these alone. I find myself wanting to play these patches not as a traditional stringed instrument, but layering up intervals; the tone and expressiveness makes for a spectacular blend of real and unreal when played like that."

Guy Rowland - Composer

x2 microphone options
1 (mono) rode NTR
2 (stereo) rode n55 matched pair

Built for full version Kontakt 5.8.1 +
1.2 gb installed
10 articulations
reverb, delay, tape and stereo controls
perfectly compliments the Alder Violin

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

Alder Cello requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 5.8.1+

To give back to the earth, for every sale we plant a tree.

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