Alium – A Piano Instrument


Alium is essentially 4 instruments in one; 1 melodic dynamic of a grand piano, pluck grand piano, struck grand piano and a collection of inspiring microloops, textures and sonic oddities all bound up as one with fx at your fingertips to take the sound of the piano into new realms.

The source material is from a Test Subject… the results of our research sampling the Hamburg Steinway C captured at Nottingham Albert Hall. In one interface you have at your fingertips the grand piano performed at a melodic dynamic, the strings plucked by the finger directly, the strings struck by a pencil, and the results of mini performances through an array of hardware fx pedals and software plugins to create unique sonic tapestries that comprise the Moods where microloops, textures and oddities are found. These can be used alone, each a shift in a different directon from the familiar, or combined to expand your piano soundscapes.

A useful and inspiring tool to get something instantly different into your productions.

A new piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt

Includes Moods: inspirational microloops, tape degredation, textures and sonic oddities

Grand Piano Sustain, Pluck, Struck and Moods

A distilled flavour of the Hamburg Steinway C captured at Nottingham Albert Hall

x2 microphone options
close ribbon

Requires full/retail version of Kontakt 6.3.1 +
6 gb installed
piano pedal sustains x3 rr
pluck and struck x2 rr
9 inspiration Moods

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

Alium requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 6.3.1+

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