Celestial Guitar


Celestial-inspired ethereal guitar soundscapes for tv and film scores. Recorded at The Old Library studios in the heart of England, this library captures a cavernous guitar chain plumbed in via crisp analogue gear direct, via two amplifiers and their combined cabinets creating a wash of ambience in the studio. These four signals give the sound huge weight and flexibility in mixing, meaning the library is just at home combined with powerful orchestral elements as it is creating contemporary, ambient sound-scapes.

The core of Celestial Guitar consists of minor and major chords, plucked and strummed with four diverse round robins. Singles and harmonics were richly sampled with five round robins harnessing the organic chaos that brings vibe and life. Bowed, tapped, distorted articulations and fx scrapes accompany the core elements along with sound-design patches sculpted from the session material.


Requires full Kontakt 6.6.1 +
(does not run in free Kontakt Player)

  • x6 microphone positions
  • 10.54gb installed
  • 18 core articulations
  • 24 sound design patches

Celestial Guitar is the first installment of Celestial Frontiers, a range of libraries inspired by the cosmos. In a literal sense, the space in which each library is recorded will define the range and as such I'm seeking out expansive, expressive and beautifully chaotic spaces to reflect the expanse and beauty of the celestial above us. One sound I really fell in love with was the large reverb in my Pod Live which is what's providing the large sound in Celestial Guitar. Amplified via characterful pre-amps, through warm, glowing tubes and out into the studio with close and ambient mics, the sound blooms adding weight and body that can't be replicated in-the-box. Combined with a direct line in, you're given control over the guitar sound allowing various mixing options suiting various styles.

Ethereal and Contemporary

After composing for film and tv for the last ten years, Celestial Guitar is the result of seeking a toolbox that provides sounds fellow composers and I haven't otherwise been able to find. It captures a unique sound that lends itself to elevating the ethereal as well as adding contemporary edge.

Raw and Imperfect

Bowed guitars can often sound too clean in libraries, losing all the chaotic edge and shimmer that bowing creates. This is retained in Celestial Guitar for a raw and imperfect (for all the right reasons) sound. Another thing I often find lacking is any variation on recorded chords and so multiple round robins for each minor and major chord have been recorded, a feature thoroughly enjoyed by the beta testers.





  • TAPE
  • EQ

attack + release controls


  • C1 = mono, amplifier 1, Marshall
  • C2 = mono, amplifier 2, BadCat
  • DI = stereo, FX Chain direct in
  • A = stereo, both amps from back of room
  • C3a = mono, amplifier 3, Sound City, dynamic mic
  • C3b = mono, amplifier 3, Sound City, condenser mic

purge controls



  • 8ve Pluck
  • Chords (arps)
  • Chords (bowed)
  • Chords min maj (pluck + strum)
  • Clean Bowed
  • Clean Singles
  • Clean Tremolo (fingered)
  • Dist Bowed
  • Dist Harmonics (2 positions)
  • Dist Singles
  • Dist Tapped Chords
  • Dist Tremolo (bowed)
  • Harmonics (2 positions)
  • Drum Sticks (3 types)


  • Chondrite
  • Cosmic Whale (rev)
  • Cosmic Whale
  • Even Horizon
  • Machine Heads
  • Space Sickness
  • Valve I
  • Valve II


  • Broken Tractor Beam
  • Celestial Oceans
  • Frozen Cargo
  • Ignition
  • Lost In Space (long)
  • More Mass
  • The End


  • Cosmic Drips
  • Homeomorphism I
  • Homeomorphism II
  • Homeomorphism III
  • Homeomorphism IV
  • Homeomorphism V
  • Homeomorphism VI
  • Homeomorphism VII
  • Lost In Space (short)
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