Seven Weeks, Week One: Introducing WA Kalimba – also known as a thumb piano, this instrument has its roots in African music with ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey bringing the instrument to countries abroad in the 20th Century. To add a unique and modern twist we sampled a Hugh Tracey kalimba with nail (performing in a more traditional style where the nail is used on the metal tongues), finger (where the finger tip is used excluding nail, a slightly softer attack is obtained) and the incredible sound of the Kalimba played with a rubber. This results in a soft, rounded sound that works wonderfully with the earthly ring create when performing the instrument. All these samples were then used to create mini performances through a chain of out-board gear to create Moods, consisting of microloops, textures and sonic oddities that add a wealth of potential for the user to create unique sounds and soundscapes.

Modern meets ancient: an instrument with its origins dating back thousands of years meets 21st century technology.

Includes Moods: microloops, tape degredation, textures and sonic oddities

3 playing styles: rubber, finger, nail

Includes 9 Moods and 7 snapshots

x2 microphone options
dynamic: sm57
condenser: AT 4033

Built for full version Kontakt 6.3.1 +
1.26 gb installed
rubber, finger and nail at x5 rr
microloops, textures, sonic oddities
7 snapshots

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

WA Kalimba requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 6.3.1+
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