Rhodes ’73


Highly playable, characterful Mark 1 Rhodes ’73 recorded via a Synthi for added flavour and fatness.



While working on a film soundtrack, some late night experiments found the Rhodes ’73 in a friend’s studio run through a Synthi. The subtle result was a fatter, fuller sound with the oscillators slightly tickling the held notes and the spring reverb contributing to a Rhodes ’73 library with distinct flavour. Captured at multiple velocities and round robins in order to present a playable,  musical, unique electric piano.

Release volume:
Gives you control over the release volume. While the release triggers offer realism and character, sometimes you may want more control over the sound. Simple dial down the volume using this control.


Reverb 1
Reverb 2
Delay 1
Delay 2

Click which effect you would like to use and the controls will appear. The stacking of reverb and delay allows easy creation of ethereal and modified soundscapes. Behind the scenes the FX chain is as follows:

Tape – Reverb 1 – Delay 1 – Delay 2 – Reverb 2 – Stereo – Limiter 

Controlling levels:

Stacking sounds can quickly add up and increase the volume significantly, so be sure to keep an eye on levels to avoid any distorted sounds coming through. To help control levels when you feel like cranking things up, the ‘limiter’ toggle is available on all screens. The limiter can also be used as a creative tool when an over-driven crushed sound is desired. Simple turn the limiter on and crank the ‘verb and delay mixes up, and also try cranking the warmth and gain in the tape FX too. This crushed sound is a flavour favourite here at Waverunner Audio.


  • Four dynamic layers
  • Five round robin
  • Random release trigger system for more realism
  • Recorded at 96k, presented at 24bit/48k
  • 1.3 gb (compressed from 3.2)
  • Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 +
  • Individually watermarked to you
  • Requires Pulse to download
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