One of the most common practices with electric guitar recording is layering takes on top of each other. This can achieve a pleasing stereo sound, wall-of-noise sound, or galactic implosion style guitar for cinematic hugeness. Stak’d consists of power chords recorded through different pedals with multiple mics using two different pickup options, all at hand in the GUI. This is essentially a recording session of power chords at your finger tips to easily play in and sculpt your sound. FX options are available per pedal allowing even more flexibility with sound. This library isn’t well suited for faster playing, but is very well suited for stacking up power chords with huge flexibility of sound, from small and controlled to huge and wild.

Power Chords in a GUI designed for easy stacking. Multiple pedal, microphone and pickup options + fx per pedal!

Power Chords  !!!
Marshall JH-1, Boss DS-1 and ProCo Rat pedals
PRS Guitar with both Neck and Bridge position samples

Built for full version Kontakt 6.3.1 +
1.75 gb installed
3 pedal options each with neck and bridge pickup options
421 MD II Close, M160 Close, M160 Air
Verb, Delay, Dirt and Flange per pedal

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

Dutch Rosetta requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 6.3.1+

To give back to the earth, for every sale we plant a tree.

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