Synth Atlantic


Sounds of the ARP 2600 and Juno 60 reimagined by two award winning composers. Melted and moulded through pedals and soft-chains to give a unique, contemporary spin on classic synths. Each patch was then treated with tape machines and plugins, presented as a secondary lofi mix to layer in or use standalone. We then worked re-creating the sounds further into microloops, textures and pads which comprise the MOODS. The result is an inspiring mixture of new and old, familiar and not-so familiar, a delicate ingredient to pepper your compositions to flavour with sonic goodness.

Sounds of the Arp 2600 + Juno 60 re-imagined by award winning composers

ARP 2600
Juno 60
DI and LoFi mixes

Built for full version Kontakt 6.3.1 +
1.73 gb installed
tape + algorithm processed patches
produced by award winning composers

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

Synth Atlantic requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 6.3.1+

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