WA Brass: 2 French Horns


Stunning true legato
Remarkable tone
True recorded dynamics: from pianissimo through to a fierce fortissimo
Recorded by leading orchestral engineer Adaq Khan


The players: Tony and Julia are often found depping with top orchestras. The challenges of Stravinsky, Shostakovitch and Beethoven behind them, we put them through the paces of an awesome sampling session Tony describes as “a massive smack in the chops… It was the toughest recording session I’ve ever done.” Coming from a trumpet background, Tony’s style on the horn is somewhat unique and lends itself nicely to tone control at lower dynamics, and a mighty forte that Julia compliments. This style has rightfully earned Tony his nickname in group messenger as “Screamin’ Tone Hawkins”.

The room: We put them in a room that hugs the brass sound, elevating the warm tones and enhancing the bite in the loud dynamics, allowing for dryer sounds that also translate comfortably and easily to bigger spaces with a splash of your favourite reverb.

The Engineer: Adaq Khan has recorded dozens of number one classical albums over recent years and is often found recording at the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and the Barbican as well as other symphony halls across the UK. His affinity with the sound of orchestral instruments, acoustic spaces as well as interaction with the players all bring something incredible to this sampling project.

What our users are saying:

“These horns sound excellent. Both the tone and the dynamics sound great…” -markleake (vi-control.com)

“I bought this library a few weeks ago and I think it’s worth mentioning how great they are. They marry exceptionally well with other libraries and their sound is phenomenal. Great job…” -dconscina (vi-control.com)

“Very good work. Your sample quality, scripting and attention to detail honestly makes your new horns stand as good (if not better) than a few commercial brass libraries that dropped over the past few years.” -Johnny Lucas, AAA game composer for Ubisoft


  • 2 French Horns in Unison
  • True legato
  • x2 rr sustain
  • x5 rr stacc
  • x4 rr marcato
  • 24b/48k
  • 700mb installed (1.2gb required for install)
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5.6+



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