Solo Tuba Lite


A simple, powerful Solo Tuba Play Patch – just load and play, no need for keyswitching. Solo Tuba Lite serves as a precurser to our upcoming full Solo Tuba library; for just £10 you get a highly playable Tuba with incredibly beautiful tone, and we plant a tree for you. If you do expand to the full Solo Library (releases date TBC), then this £10 contributes towards it.

Simple can often be best… There’s lots of fun and bouncy agility in the top range of a Tuba that is often overlooked. We captured that here and present it in a fun, no fuss way to get the lines you want. With 3 microphone positions, expertly placed by leading orchestral engineer Adaq Khan, you can easily scuplt your sound.

A gorgeously recorded solo tuba presented in a simple yet powerful play patch. No need for articulation switching, just load and play.

x3 microphone positions offer a flexible mix, from close and intimate to a full, rich room tone. Expertly captured by leading orchestral engineer Adaq Khan.


x3 microphone options
close ribbon, tree and omni
same space as 2 French Horns

Built for full version Kontakt 6.3.1 +
0.5 gb installed
simple, powerful, just load and play
recorded by Adaq Khan, leading orchestral engineer
flexible mix from a dry, close signal to a full, rich room tone

download with Pulse
individually watermarked

Solo Tuba Lite requires the full retail version of Kontakt
version 6.3.1+

To give back to the earth, for every sale we plant a tree.