WA Brass: 2 French Horns


Two top London players
Essential Articulations
Recorded by leading UK orchestral engineer Adaq Khan
Noble, Bold British Brass

What our users are saying:

“These horns sound excellent. Both the tone and the dynamics sound great…” -markleake (vi-control.com)

“I bought this library a few weeks ago and I think it’s worth mentioning how great they are. They marry exceptionally well with other libraries and their sound is phenomenal. Great job…” -dconscina (vi-control.com)

“Very good work. Your sample quality, scripting and attention to detail honestly makes your new horns stand as good (if not better) than a few commercial brass libraries that dropped over the past few years.” -Johnny Lucas, AAA game composer for Ubisoft


  • 2 French Horns in Unison
  • True legato
  • x2 rr sustain
  • x5 rr stacc
  • x4 rr marcato
  • 24b/48k
  • 700mb installed (1.2gb required for install)
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5.6+