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Special instructions for updating Dutch Rosetta.

We’re currently updating the folder structure of our libraries and this will require some re-installations. But don’t worry, it’s all straight forward enough and we’re here to help guide you through step by step. The first library to do this is Dutch Rosetta and includes an update to v1.0b.

What is included in v1.0b

This fixes an issue where the articulation and fret selections would be reset upon loading in a project. It also fixes a pitch issue with the Whammy articulation. This update also removes an extra folder created by MacOS and sets the root folder of the library to ‘Dutch Rosetta’. This means you can create a folder called Waverunner Audio on your chosen hard drive (if you haven’t already) and once they’re ready any subsequent libraries you install there will be in a folder with the library title like so: SampleDrive/Waverunner Audio/Dutch Rosetta.

You may see ‘UPDATE AVAILABLE’ for Dutch Rosetta in Pulse. Ignore this and please do the following to get the update. Before continuing, it’s a good idea to make a backup especially if you have existing projects in progress. Though the new version should work fine, it’s good to have a backup just in case.

Open Pulse

STEP 1: Select Dutch Rosetta by clicking the library image or the text ‘Dutch Rosetta’ (do not click ‘open’).

STEP 2: Click ‘Uninstall’

STEP 3: Click the box next to ‘Delete product files’ (please make a backup before doing this)

STEP 4: Click ‘Uninstall and Delete files’

Dutch Rosetta will now be removed from your hard drive and ‘installed’ section of Pulse. To re-download, under ‘Library’, making sure ‘Show’ is either ‘All Products’ or ‘Not installed’, next To Dutch Rosetta click ‘Install’, select your chosen location (recommended is a folder named Waverunner Audio), Pulse will install the library to a folder named ‘Dutch Rosetta’. You’re all done! Please contact us via the support widget in the bottom right of the page, or email us directly for any further help.

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