Alder Violin


A solo violin library distilling highly expressive and evocative playing techniques


A solo violin library concentrating on highly expressive, evocative playing techniques. Performed by American violinist Jenavieve Vaga and recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Described as a ‘gem’ by those who have used it so far, offering expressive, moving and inspiring violin textures to your compositions. Being part of ‘Seven Days’ means this is available for a super low price and for every sale, we plant a tree. Combined with the ‘Seven Days Kontakt engine’, it’s easy to sculpt ethereal soundscape or loop-like experiments.



Reverb 1
Reverb 2
Delay 1
Delay 2

Simply click which effect you would like to use and the controls will appear. The stacking of reverb and delay allows easy creation of ethereal and modified soundscapes. Behind the scenes the FX chain is as follows:

Tape – Reverb 1 – Delay 1 – Delay 2 – Reverb 2 – Stereo – Limiter 

Controlling levels:

Stacking reverbs and delays can quickly add up and increase the volume significantly, so be sure to keep an eye on levels to avoid any distorted sounds coming through. To help control levels when you feel like cranking things up, the ‘limiter’ toggle is available on all screens. The limiter can also be used as a creative tool when an over-driven crushed sound is desired. Simple turn the limiter on and crank the ‘verb and delay mixes up, and also try cranking the warmth and gain in the tape FX too. This crushed sound is a flavour favourite here at Waverunner Audio.


Expressive: a highly expressive medium sustain patch, a small swell into aching vibrato
cc1 for dynamics

Harmonic Brush: ‘Brushing’ the bow to create delicate, light and dancing harmonic shorts
velocity for dynamics

Harmonic Sustain: held harmonic notes
cc1 for dynamics

Low Tide: held notes starting with a swell, then going to a delicate tremolo followed by random swells
cc1 for dynamics

Trills Maj: a major second interval trill
cc1 for dynamics / lower velocity = slow trill start / higher velocity = faster trill start

Trills Min: a minor second interval trill
cc1 for dynamics / lower velocity = slow trill start / higher velocity = faster trill start


  • 6 articulations
  • Recorded at 96k, presented at 24bit/48k
  • 140mb (Kontakt compressed from 330)
  • Requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6 +
  • Individually watermarked to you
  • Requires Pulse to download

Jenavieve Varga is an American violinist and composer. Her work is collaborative, multi-genre, complex and cutting-edge. Taking up the violin at age 3, Jenavieve and her instrument have toured, scored, and recorded across 4 different continents. Notable performances include appearances at the Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, and All Tomorrow’s Parties. She has been covered by Vogue, Billboard, and NPR, and is currently the Music Director for The Big Quiet.