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10 existing products: Alder Violin, Alder Cello, Celestial Guitar, WA Brass: 2 French Horns, Chaneterelle Trumpet, Rhodes '73 Electric Piano, Solo Voice: Kat, Rosehip Vibraphone, John's Guitar and Church Bells + all future updates
Worth £376/$376/€376

£79 / €89 / $99

A bowed-bass library featuring legato, clean, distorted, tapped, scraped, trems, fx, shorts, swells and mangled sounds. A unique journey through the low-end; grungy, alternative and gritty.

£29 / €39 / $49

Nottingham Albert Hall's Steinway, immaculately recorded by Adaq Khan. A distilled flavour of a this remarkable piano, 3 microphone positions, 1 melodic dynamic layer, x3 rr of pedal down, x3 rr of pedal up, x2 rr of plucked strings, x2 rr of struck strings and percussive piano.

£29 / €29 / $29

Expanding our brass range, Solo Tuba has once again been recorded by Adaq Khan in the same magic space as our popular 2 French Horns. Comprehensive, WA Brass: Solo Tuba offers the same range of dynamic and playable legato that 2 French Horns are often praised for; from warm, noble tones to huge shaking pedal notes.
4 core articulations: Legato, Sustain, Stacc, Marcato.

£39 / €39 / $39

2 Trumpets joins 2 French Horns and Solo Tuba in this upcoming brass expansion. Performed by two award winning players, recorded by Adaq Khan in the same space as 2 French Horns. Once again covering a broad dynamic range from noble and subtle performance through to triumphant fanfare. Includes vibrato and non vibrato, x10rr stacc and the same quality legato 2 French Horns are much loved for.
Articulations: Legato, Sustain (-vib +vib), Mariachi, Stacc, Marc, Swells, Double Tongued Short, Triple Tongued Short

£49 / €59 / $69

The next installment in the Alder solo strings range, complementing the Alder Cello and Alder Violin. An expansive, evocative, unique solo viola library.

£49 / €59 / $69

The final installment in the Alder solo strings range, complementing the Alder Cello, Alder Violin and to be released Alder Viola. An unorthodox approach to sampling an orchestral double bass, presenting an expanded version of the current offerings in the Alder Cello; unique, evocative articulations.

£149 / €169 / $179

Offests, 60s - 90s stomp boxes, boutique amps, analogue fx gear meets forward-thinking, modern sampling techniques to present the most comprehensive guitar library ever created.

Worth the promo price alone, we're booked into one of the most exciting studios existing in the UK today where we'll be taking some of the most coveted guitar gear on the planet. Real, authentic, playable, extensive, alternative, grungy, rocky, indie - produced and designed by an award winning media composer.

A limited edition sound-design library based on years of producing in the industry. Creative sound-design has been at the heart of a large amount of work I've done for film and TV over the years, and presented here will be an eclectic collection of sounds found, created, mangled and loved along that road. From home-sampling, picking up toys in the various studios I've worked in, testing out new equipment, taking the familiar and seeing how un-recognisable it can be made, and applying my love of acoustic space and its impact on how sound resonates on a physical and emotional level - Ross S

Exclusively available to those who purchase this bundle.

£79 / €89 / $99

A collection of minerals performed into special microphones. Taking the child-like wonder and experiments of my youth (that picture there is my brother playing the pots - he'd go on to become a national beatbox champion), and going back to where the start is. Allowed to bash away and explore sounds that would form the foundation of years of sonic exploration, this collection is designed to inspire and elevate your creative output - Ross S

25% off any price point of the Celestial Frontiers range; can be used in combination with any other promotion such as intro price, educational discount etc.

A collection of orchestral sounds inspired by space. Celestial, spacial, reverberant, experimental, lush, expansive, advanced, immersive and beyond. A collection of the known taken to the unknown, an ambitious undertaking born in Ross' time at the legendary Goldsmiths University some years ago.

Purchase a 300 place and enter a raffle to win a brand new, fully spec'd up Apple 16-inch Macbook Pro worth £3899 / $3899:

  • 2.4GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor, Turbo Boost up to 5.0GHz
  • 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • 16-inch Retina display with True Tone
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID

The above specifications are the maximum possible for processor, memory and graphics with a huge 1TB SSD Storage dive - this is the most powerful MacBook Pro available today.

A winner will be selected at random once all 300 places have been bought.

Existing Products

After your purchase, your email will be added to the 300 mailing list and you will receive licenses for all existing products within 24hours of purchase. Once you receive your licenses they can be downloaded immediately or at any point in the future. Any updates made for these libraries are available to you at no extra cost (which is standard practice with Waverunner Audio products). The 300 mailing list will only be used to notify you of essential information regarding pre-orders, vouchers and the raffle.


Your pre-order libraries will be sent to you upon their release. Boba, NAH Piano, WA Brass: Solo Tuba and WA Brass 2 Trumpets are scheduled for release this year (2020). Unnamed Guitar, your limited edition Sound Design library and Kitchen: Back To Where The Start Is, are all scheduled for a 2021 release.


Celestial Frontiers is scheduled to roll out between 2022 - 2025 in a modular fashion. You will receive your 25% voucher per release i.e. individual vouchers per product, so by the time the full range is released you will have received five 25% vouchers.


There are 300 spaces available to new customers plus up to 1000 spaces available to existing customers. You will be allocated a unique number between 1-300 and this list will be combined with existing customers who have purchased the promo. A random number will be selected using quantum computing to select the winner of the MacBook Pro who will then receive their new laptop directly from Apple once delivery information is confirmed.

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